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Figured this glorious service has justified it’s own topic.

Too lazy to post insightful first impressions, so I will just post a ranked and running list of my favorite games so far for the low, low price of $5 a month.

  1. Grindstone
  2. What the Golf
  3. ChuChu Rocket Universe
  4. Pinball Wizard
  5. Mini Motorways
  6. Frogger in Toy Town (garbage)

I haven’t dug in to any of the more complex games mostly because a lack of time, headphones or motivation, but so far I am easily getting my money worth, and a bag of chips (Dad phrases purposely inserted to provide insight on the state of mind and demographics of the reviewer).

I will most likely move the reporting of our unpaid freelancer, @DarthSmurfX, here to help round out the topic.


Wait. Are there paid freelancers?


Arcade [P]reviews are coming in:

Apple News

Anybody checkout Apple Arcade yet? I’m thinking of starting the free trial, but wonder if I should wait until it’s available on Mac so I can also try it there.


It’s getting rave reviews online. But I’m waiting to try it out.


Ahh man, I was already warming up the hype train, now it has left the station.

Where I am at in my life, bite-size games are a lot more attractive to me than full $60 commitments, for both time and money reasons.


Yeah. I keep watching these quick clips and I’m getting the itch to play them too. I’m actually looking at TVs so that I can play them on my TV (do they also support DS4s and Xbox controllers like iPads?), but also so I have access to TV+ when it launches.

Here’s a few more:


Is it really even hype if it’s already out and confirmed to be good?

I’m trying to think of ways I can connect my Mac to my TV instead of buying another SmartTV device that I don’t need, but not sure if that’s the best option either. I do think the new tvOS is suppose to have controller support though. (confirmed)


Best future $5 I’m ever going to spend. What the Golf is worth $5 alone. I think I’m going to have to add another subscription service to my already over subscribed life. Oh well, at least I’m having fun doing so.


I may try this out with the free trial now that I can connect my DS4 to my iPad after the iPadOS update out today.


Yeah, a freelancer just means you work for yourself, it doesn’t mean you work for free, except in your case, and we appreciate you for that.


Fine. As long as I get honorable mentions at the award ceremony. Oh, and here’s an image for your first post so we don’t have to look at a blank box.


Here’s a nice little FAQ on how to use your DS4 with your iPhone/iPad/etc…

Q. How do I pair my DualShock 4 wireless controller with my Apple device?

A. If you are using a controller with your Apple device for the first time, you will need to follow the steps below to pair them together using Bluetooth:

  • Make sure the light bar on the controller is off. If the light bar is on, press the PS button until it turns off. If a USB cable is connected to the controller, disconnect it.
  • While pressing and holding the Share button, press and hold the PS button until the light bar flashes.
  • Enable Bluetooth on your device, and then select the controller from the list of Bluetooth devices. When pairing is complete, the light bar turns a solid color.