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It’s the iPhone X, but they say ‘iPhone 10’. What happens in 2 or 3 years when they actually get to the iPhone 10 ?


Yeah, I kept correcting my friends saying the 10 as I could have swore it was the X. Now who’s the fool?


Alright, the new App Store is awesome, if not simply for this being the very first thing you see.

Oh yeah, the new annotate feature is pretty awesome too.


Today’s Event (will update as things are announced):

  • News+ — a magazine subscription service; no ad tracking, live covers, family sharing and other nifty things (available today)
  • Pay — coming to transit
  • Card — new Apple-based credit card; sign up and have the card immediately, use anywhere Pay is acccepted, update your info with Messages, 2% Daily Cash back (3% from Apple sources), no late fees, no annual fees, no over-limit fees, MasterCard-based, no Apple or ad tracking and highly-secure, plus a physical card with NO information on it
  • Arcade — subscription-based game store; 100+ games, playable offline, looks like a Sonic game
  • TV — pay for ONLY the channels you want (no package needed), ad-free, bundles all existing subscriptions into one (no need to open multiple apps… okay, this is cool), I see Hulu, Prime and some cable stuff, but I don’t see Netflix yet, available in May, coming to Macs, Smart TVs, Roku and Fire too (wake me when it’s on a console)
  • TV+ — new Apple-only shows; Spielberg (Amazing Stories anthology series), JJ Abrams/Sara Bareilles show Little Voice about music or something, M. Night, Witherspoon/Aniston/Carrel fake news show called Morning Show, Momoa/Viola Davis blind-dystopian future called See, Kumail Nanjiani anthology series about immigration called Little America, Sesame Street spin-off (when did Big Bird’s voice get so weird?) and more, ad free, coming this fall. Oh, and OPRAH.


WWDC Today:

This conference keynote is SUPER long. Geez. Lots of cool things coming, though. I won’t bore anyone with specifics.


Oh. There was this.