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9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman has revealed some new details on the upcoming Apple TV 4. According to “sources with knowledge of the product”, the new Apple TV will have a big focus on gaming.

Users will be able to download games directly from the Apple TV’s built-in App Store and control them via a new bundled remote control that will include both tactile physical buttons and a touchpad interface.

A deep focus on gaming will also mean that Apple TV 4 will support “more complex, console-style Bluetooth game controllers with the pressure-sensitive buttons and joysticks previously introduced for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches.”


It’s ABOUT TIME they announce something on this. I’ve been tempted to get an Apple TV ever since HBO GO was announced, but have been holding off waiting for them to announce the next version.

Mark Gurman reported yesterday that it will be priced below $200 and is “on track to become available in October.”

I guess I’ll have to wait for Appletober to find out more. Has anybody coined that term yet? I kind of like it.


Actually, the event to announce this is in September.


Apple event today. I’ll keep everyone posted on the big stuff.


Awesome, thanks for the heads up. I also added an image to the topic, as I think it’s worthy. Feel free to change it if you like.


I missed the first 5 minutes, but they are talking about Apple Watch anyhow. Something about hearing a pregnant woman’s baby’s heartbeat through the watch. Or something.


I’m reading a liveblog because my work wifi is too slow, but you didn’t miss anything



  • iPad Pro - huge screen!
  • 12.9" screen - basically, an iPad Air vertically, but with extra on the side.
  • Console-class GPU. Faster than 80-90% of all portable PCs.
  • 4 speaker audio.
  • Smart Keyboard accessory. Keyboard + Cover combined. Very cool. $169
  •  Pencil accessory. Okay… that looks amazing! $99
  • MS Office - yawn
  • Adobe Comp (InDesign for iPads), Adobe Photoshop Fix (HOLY CRAP!!!), Photoshop Sketch
  • Some sweet Anatomy app for doctors and PTs.
  • $799 starting
  • iPad Mini 4 - $399
  • iPad Mini 2 … nope… Apple TV next!!!


  • Future of TV is apps!
  • SIRI “Show me the Modern Family episode with Edward Norton.” Cool. Searches across all apps!
  • “What did she say?” Siri will skip back 15 seconds and turn on captions. Wow.
  • Games!!! NEW Guitar Hero, Disney Infiniti, Rayman and more. Multiplayer games using iPhones, iPads.
  • I’m glad I’ve waited!
  • Cool, animated, time-based screensavers.
  • tvOS
  • WiiMote-like remote. Harmonix Beat Sports. Nintendo is in trouble.
  • Live stats while watching live sports. Multiple games at once with
  • $149 32GB or $199 64GB
  • October


  • iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S+. Yay!
  • New color: Rose Gold Aluminum.
  • 4.6" or 5.5" displays.
  • 3D Touch - new gestures based on touch force.
  • 12 MP camera, 4K video.
  • Front flash with retina display.
  • Live Photos - High-res GIFs with sound. Supported by Facebook.
  • iOS 9 - September 16th.


I like to think of this post as the supplement to Smurfs great live blogging


After watching that, TV is mine. Now… I need to free up an HDMI port… (glares at Xbox 360)


Yep, I’ll be replacing one of my Rokus. So when is it actually released again? Just October is all we have?


@DarthSmurfX You ever end up getting the TV? I can’t quite justify it yet until I cancel Sling TV and just get HBO Now, so I just try to keep up on the gaming aspect of it as much as I can. A decent video was published on Polygon today about TV games.

Nothing too impressive there though. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I think I’ll wait to get one of these until there is a game that is played best on TV over anything else, but I don’t know what that would be. I also just like to use your TV icon.


Not yet.


Where were you guys on this? WTF?


I just started watching. I was too pumped about the EZA news this morning that I completely forgot about Apple’s event.

Update 1:
Watch now starting at $299.

Update 2:
TV — bunch of OS updates.

Up next… iPhone.
iPhone SE - new 4" iPhone! Yes!
Same speed and specs as the 6S, but smaller, just what I’ve been waiting for.
$399 for 16GB; $499 for 64GB
Available March 31st

Update 3:
iOS 9.3 updates. Meh.

Update 4:
Smaller iPad Pro. 9.7"
TruTone display. Measures ambient light and adjusts the screen appropriately. Makes is like paper.
32 GB at $599. 2 more higher up to 256GB.
March 31st.



  • MARIO ON IOS!!! New game: Super Mario Run
  • Education stuff… yawn.
  • iWork updates - real time collaboration. That looked cool, but not very useful to the lone Mac user at my job.
  • Watch updates… Pokemon Go app! Also, the new Watch is waterproof/swimproof. Built-in GPS.



iPhone 7

  • iOS 10 stuff
  • Dang, it looks nice!
  • New Home button.
  • Water and dust resistant! That’s handy.
  • iPhone 7+ has 2 backside cameras for DSLR-style zooming. Also, can blur backgrounds.
  • Eek… I don’t like this one. Lightning connector ear pods. WAIT. AirPods… they are wireless. Why was he talking about the lightning port?


$160 for the AirPods!?!?!?!


Ear pods have lightning connector, air pods use bluetooth.