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I don’t care. Some place that isn’t heavily populated.


I’m starting to turn on that approach. I was the same way with any battle royal, but I honestly rather die right away with a chance of killing 10 then spend 30 minutes looting and only seeing 3 people.


Just because I’m starving for any news on Season 1, I decided I’m just going to make up my own. What do you think they will do with the Ping system when they inevitably allow for solo playlists?

There are rumors that there have been signs of NPCs data mined in Apex, what if solo play actually introduces…pets??? Hear me out…

You could command your pet to grab loot, distract/attack enemies, scout? Imagine the monetization they could do around that. I didn’t stick around WoW long enough to get deep on the pet system, but I could see myself sinking some decent money on a kick ass looking pet, even more so than a character model because I would actually be seeing the pet in-game. Just let it sink in, and then you can come back to me in 6 months when this post makes all of the newsfeeds about how this was “leaked” months ago, but nobody believed it…




Here’s some fun from the weekend. I think the picture is frozen for the first minute but you get the picture.


Man this game is good. 3 wins for Rewfus and I yesterday. They need to turn the cross platform play on so you can join us, Jango.



Actually…the more details I read, the more let down I am. The cosmetics look pretty lame, and you only advance the battle pass by gaining XP, just like you do now. I was expecting there to be specific challenges or something else to shoot for. Octane will be nice to mix things up, but I doubt the battle pass alone will really do much to extend the longevity of this game for me…

I downgrade this to a:


An example of my horrible Wingman aim, but still one of the most rewarding long distance kills I’ve had, a fleeing Octane hardly visible on my screen.

Nothing too impressive here either, but my team was carrying me up to this point, so it was rewarding none-the-less