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Are you pinging for healing?

Hold down the Heal button to bring up the Heal Menu, highlight a healing item and hit the ping button. You’ll yell out “I need healing!”

If they still don’t get the message, well…


Didn’t realize you could do that. Only time I had that happen to me was when I pushed up with no healing item equipped, didn’t realize you could do it from the radial menu.

Speaking of which, is there anyway to ask for a mod that you already have? For example if I have a level 1 scope but I want a better one, pretty sure pinging the scope slot no longer requests it since you already have it, right?


Now I know, and knowing is half the battle


Don’t know how accurate or reliable data diving is but oh well. Here’s a few tidbits that have been uncovered. (see what I did there? Tidbits? get it?)

2 New Characters coming soon. Octane, who has a stim pack that gives them increased speed and an adrenaline boost. Wattson who sets electrical traps on items such as death boxes, doors, and supply crates.

Also a new game type called “Survival” that includes an announcer as well as NPC fans/audience that will cheer the contestants on. This thought to be a solo mode.


Booby traps on gear and traps could be pain in the ass.


Finally got my first win as kill leader so I get to rock the bull badge thingy. Only 5 kills, but the Spitfire was getting the job done for me.

What guns you guys preferring these days?


Nice. I don’t think I’ve had a win as the Kill Leader, job well done sir.

I’ve had an absolute rubbish run as far as being paired with randoms goes. It seemed all my matches over the weekend had both my squad mates took off in different directions with one often going way far out and then dying and getting mad at us. Or both squad mates will die in battle just to have me pick up their banners and then quit while on my way to respawn them. So damn annoying. I’ve also had a few where one person will quit before the jump because they didn’t get the character they wanted.

That being said I find it odd that I’ve had the most success while playing with randoms rather than friends. Had a nice full squad for all of Saturday night and Sunday night but only placed top 3 a few times.

As far as guns are concerned I for sure have my favorites. Here are my favs.

R-301 Carbine
Spitfire LMG
Triple Take


Alright, I’ve finally turned a corner in this game where I can pretty regularly lead my team in kills and finish in the top 3 more often than not, and I owe it all to the Wingman. That this is an absolute beast if you can line up headshots with Skullpiercer, it’s hands down my favorite gun in the game. I will drop any gun for it without a second thought.


Here’s a nice squad wipe I had the other night. Note that I am the only person in my squad. This is the night I was talking about where I had multiple occasions where I was abandoned before I could respawn my squad mates.


Very nice. I never even think about recording because I haven’t had a reason to in the past, but now that I can hold my own I might have to try to remember that.


I know this belongs in the forknife topic, but I’m more interested in the Apex influence:

Hey, they copied PUBG to get where they are, why not stick with a working formula?


Also saw they are working on a respawn mechanic.



More leaks for season 1:

New season and battlepass apparently start next Tuesday, March 12th. And as Jango said, Octane seems to be all but confirmed now:

He sounds like a fun character to play as



I hate it when you have a bad Jump Master. Nothing worse than launching with 75% of the server knowing that you’ll die within 10mins.

I had the day off yesterday so played far to much of this game. I played all of it using Pathfinder as previous to this I had only played 3 games with him. I actually really liked using him. Using the LB grapple to pull enemies off of roofs is quite funny.



Rate of fire reduced from 3.1 -> 2.6 shots per second.

Skullpiercer Headshot damage multiplier reduced from 2.5 -> 2.25

Increased base hip fire spread and decreased the rate at which hip fire spread decays (shrinks back down).


Shotgun Bolt rechamber rate has been reduced for the Peacekeeper only.’


Wingman nerf gonna piss a whole lot of people off.


Yeah, would have pissed me off a week ago, but now I’m actually kind of happy to see it because much more accurate players have been owning me with it and I would prefer to last longer than a couple shots.


For those who care…


So, where is your favorite drop zone? Bimble can confirm, I’m all about watchtower south, over cascades between artillery.

Also a fan of bunker and market, but really surprised to see how low the tier rate is for market.