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@MrBimble Thanks for the comment like. Now pull your ass off of Fortnite and play some damn Apex with me.


That’s not me. That’s the sick kiddo. I’ve been playing Apex on PS4


Finished 2nd 3 out of 4 games yesterday - always a bridesmaid, never the bride.


At least a bridesmaid counts as a podium finish. I’m basically the drunk uncle that gets kicked out of the reception after 15 minutes by the punch bowl.


Finished final 3 a few times last night and had at least 3 kills in each one. Best run was as Bangalore. Wiped a squad myself to start the match(they had no weapons or armor so it was easy pickings). Half way through I used my smoke and air strike to help me recover both of squad mates IDs and escape. Respawned them and then we rolled to final ring with 2 other squads.


@Rewfus and I got matched up with a one man wrecking crew. We could hardly keep up as he ran around taking out entire squads by himself. I got my first win - no thanks to us. It was seriously impressive watching this dude.

Final Tally:
The REAL Apex Legend: 12 kills
Rewfus and Bimble: 0 kills


Yeah, ever since then I’ve only picked Wraith if I’m the last one to pick because I don’t want to take that character out of the hands of someone that can actually use her as she was intended to be used. In the right hands, she seems pretty unstoppable.

On another note, I’ve been trying to figure out how to spend my in game currency, and possibly thinking about buying a character with real cash money since I don’t want to waste money on packs with just cosmetics. That brought me to their roadmap, which many of you may have already seen, but I thought it was worth posting:

Looks like new characters aren’t coming until June, so probably worth buying Caustic and Mirage now to really get the most variety out of my playtime.


Caustic is awesome.


Got just my 4th squad win last night and 1st while using Caustic. We finished with nobody dying and each of us having at least 3 kills. Caustic is great for setting up quick traps for players chasing you. Especially if you can take the fight indoors. His booby traps refresh quickly and there’s no limit as to how many you can have. I’ve had some good success in planting them around the respawn beacons and by supply chests in highly contested areas. His main ability is a lot like the smoke screen that Bangalore uses. In fact, pairing him with Bangalore is deadly. if you can get a team trapped in her smoke and bombing run then just pop your main toxic grenade in there and run. It’s also great to throw by downed enemies.



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Good night last night. 5 games played, 3 Squad Victory’s, 1 match played as the Champion(means you were top player from the previous match), 1 3rd place, 1 runner up, and 16 kills total. The non-wins I was doomed with terrible squad mates who died almost right away and I was left to fend for myself so I spent most of the time playing very defensive and staying on the edge of the ring. But in doing so I was able to cherry pick 4-5 easy kills by hiding and watching fire fights and then jumping in to clean up the scraps. I caught 3 people with their backs to me while they were healing or looting a death box.


This game is so good. Give me an R-99 and a peacekeeper and I’m happy as a clam.


Ha, I’m pretty sure I was 3 for 5 last night too with one game as champion. I’ve never been that successful before, but unlike you I didn’t rattle off double digit kills. Think the most I had was 5-6.

I did buy Caustic and then unlocked a legendary skin for him with the Twitch Prime packs, so I was pretty stoked about that. Don’t think I got a single kill while playing as him yet though.


I love hiding out with Caustic when a big battle is near by and just tossing his main into the mix. LOL



Played with Havoc a bit. Just like the Devotion it takes a bit to spin up without the turbocharger, but it was fun. I had no idea it had a beam charge mode though!


2 more wins last night including a match MVP using Lifeline. 5 kills, 3 revives, and 1 respawn.


People who don’t offer medical help as Lifeline can die


Seriously though. I’m down to almost zero, have no syringes, I’m in squad chat, and we are in a safe place for about 3 mins going through inventory. I’m doing everything possible to get health and they are just copying what I’m doing. Ugh. Needless to say I died a few minutes later as Lifeline took off running.


Yeah, that’s the only communication I’ve struggled with without a mic as well. I do the squat dance, ping party, friendly fire, nothing seems to work for those stubborn Lifelines.

That being said, I really have to get better at using my specials with the other characters. So often I get too caught up in the fire fights to stop and think “You know what, smoke would come in real handy right now”. Oh well, live and learn.