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Check out this Battle Royale from Respawn. It’s. F2P model like Fork Knife.

Played a few matches today and it is instant my favorite BR game. This this all kinds of fun. Has a nice Borderlands vibe to it.


Time to break my 0 mp hour over 365 day streak!



Yeah, this game is something. It would be easy to say it’s a cash grab being a battle royale game, but making it class and especially squad based was a big risk, that so far seems to really pay off. At first I was super bummed you can’t solo, but similar to rocket league, if you force teams but give the tools to efficiently communicate without a mic, you have something special. At the very least, a nice Monday surprise.


Best line of the article

“All transactions are about kitting characters out to look good; there’s no paying for power.”


This, from the article above, pretty much sums up my feelings thus far.

" My experience of playing Apex Legends is extremely positive. This is an exciting, well-crafted game, from a company that understands shooters and is clearly qualified to enter the battle royale fray.

Working with teammates I find myself absorbed in the business of staying alive and keeping them alive. The game is finely balanced so that skill is rewarded, but lack of skill is no impediment to enjoyment, especially if I find myself playing alongside someone who really knows what they are doing."


Was reading that Respawn is working on cross platform play


Got me my first win today getting 2 kills and 3 revives along the way. Loving the medic class.


Nicely done. My best is 3rd (twice), also as the medic class.


I wonder if they have a stat slot for Downs that you can put on your banner. I get all the downs.


I need to try this. Downloaded it—just haven’t fired it up yet.


Got my first win last night while on the mic with @MrBimble waiting for me to finish the game.

I realized how great the ping system was even when you are mic’ed up with a teammate, because you can shoot the shit and at the same time call out important information without having to think about it, and the third member in the team can still stay in the loop.

This game is the shit.


Can’t stop playing. All I want to do is call in sick and play.


Who is your main these days?

I actually found myself watching some twitch streams, even Ninja at one point, so you know I am going in deeper than I have for a game in awhile. What I noticed is that Pathfinder seemed to be a real game changer if used correctly, and he’s the only one I haven’t even tried yet. At one point, not sure if it was intentional, Ninja’s team had a series of ziplines going directly over the respawn point so that when someone died and was recovered, they wouldn’t even hit the ground before they landed on a zipline that took them to a number of dead player crates that had loot for them. It almost brought tears to my eyes.


I am very comfortable with any of the 6 unlocked characters except for Pathfinder. I just don’t really see his value. LOL

The ones I use most often though are Bangalore, Life Line, and Wraith but with most of the time going towards Bangalore. Her smoke screen skill has gotten myself and my squad out of a lot of jams.

The one thing I hate is when the Drop Master ignores all suggestions and goes for the blue hot zone or the supply ship. That is pretty much insta death.


</ whistles while looking the other way pretending not to read Drop Master critique that reads like a transcribed replay of anytime Rewfus is Drop Master />


I just can’t get into Battle Royale games. I downloaded this and played twice and I felt like I did when playing Fortnite… that I could be playing LITERALLY any other game and having a better time. I think my biggest issue is that I spend more time trying to find better equipment and not enough time in combat, so I die instantly with no chance of ever improving or learning how to play. Rinse. Repeat. Meh.

I guess I just need to go back to my single-player, story-driven games.



Data miners have found plans for Solo and Doubles matches coming as well as ranked matches.


This game makes my heart happy.