Alien: Isolation

So, if you haven’t picked this game up on sale and played it by now (first of all-shame on you) this article will help. Also, if you haven’t played it… avoid reading the spoiler box at all costs. It’s a doozy.

This game is so intense and stressful, that months after playing through it, just reading the word “Sevastopol” made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I need to go back and try some of the DLC soon. Or not.

We’ll see…

And if you don’t read the article, they are hiding something:

We asked Napper if Creative Assembly was continuing to develop the Alien’s AI to this day, to which he answered, “That’s something we can’t talk about. I think the official line is: we cannot comment on stuff that may or may not be in our portfolio.” It’s not much, but it leaves open the possibility that Creative Assembly is continuing to develop with their Alien platform.

You put this up just to shame me, didn’t you? Very clever.

Does Cheap Ass Gamer have an API? I might need to look in to that. Any idea what the lowest price is for this right now?

Yes. Shame on you.

I bought it back in December or January for $30. I’ve seen it on sale at least once more since then for that or cheaper. I think you’ll get your chance again. This time… don’t miss it!!! :frowning:

I finally got around to booting this up, and I am very happy I did. I am only a couple hours in, but I really love how they are ramping up the tension so far.

I’m pretty sure you end up with a gun, but I’m really hoping they delay that moment for as long as they possibly can, as I have really enjoyed games lately where I I’m not wielding an automatic weapon while shooting everything that moves as a crutch for good gameplay.

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Seriously, guys, screw this game.

I am absolutely LOVING that you can change your focus from foreground to background when looking at your radar. Very smart mechanic that I wish more games took advantage of.

I bet you wish you had a gun in that second video.

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Nice one. You actually get a gun pretty early in the game, but I have yet to use it. You only get a few bullets, and as everyone knows, that’s not going to stop an alien. Duh.

Is this a first-person shooter or a third-person shooter??

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I need to get this game.

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Essentially a first person horror/adventure game. You get a gun, but a very limited number of bullets. It’s mostly about collecting materials throughout the world to craft items (noise makers, smoke bombs, etc…) to distract and avoid enemies. You don’t have the tools/firepower to take them head on, and I’m loving that aspect. It makes it much more suspenseful.

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Me so sorry…I was being coy (and so meta).

I have this game. :smile_cat:

Shooter, shooter, shooter!


I wish I could watch those videos on my iPad.

Do these links work for you, Smurf?

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Yes. That android jump scare got me too.

That second video is the first, and only time so far, I’ve been killed by the alien. I was just really impressed by the animation priority of it catching me in the middle of opening the locker door, it was all very fluid.

Speaking of which, that’s actually the exact area I’m stuck on right now, I need to find some Dr’s keycard in that general vicinity, and I can’t find it for the life of me (or death of me, as shown in the clip). Any clues if you happen to remember that area? There is some Dr. beyond glass giving me instructions on how to get to meds if that helps jaunt your memory.

I don’t want to give too much away, but the med bay is the hardest part of the entire game, in my opinion. My only advice is to keep moving. But slowly.

Ugh, as much as I love the suspense of this game, sneaking around every corner is starting to wear thin on me, even though I know that’s what this game is about. Sometimes I just want to run free.

[quote=“Rewfus, post:17, topic:313, full:true”]
Sometimes I just want to run free.[/quote]

I’m sure the xenomorph wouldn’t mind.

This is one of those games where as much as I want to play it, I think it’d be more fun to Shareplay watch Jeff or someone else play it. Like, a less frantic but more suspenseful Bloodborne session.



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