2D Con

2D Con
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I’m still planning to be there. I got confirmation of my registration, but haven’t heard or received anything else since. Do you pick up a badge when you get there or something?

I’m definitely willing to sport the shirt if you have one to spare, but if not it’s no biggie. Looking forward to it!


I believe that’s how it works. You generally just need your photo ID to pick up your badge. I’ll see if I can confirm though.

I did see this:

I can’t seem to figure out how much it costs at the door though.

EDIT: Twitter to the rescue:


Its pretty awesome here, guys. We are right in front of the registration area, so if you come, you cant miss us. Hope to see most of you this weekend!


Any VR demos? :smiley:


There is a Vive, but they were charging the controllers when I walked by so
not sure what they are demoing. You thinking of swinging by tomorrow?


Yup, I’ll be there! Probably gonna try to be there right at 10:00, kinda want to catch the keynote if I can.


Keynote should be good. I even was able to take an old man selfie with Mr Kluwe.


Had a great time, and it was great to meet Rewfus and Katet in person. Might have enjoyed it a little more if I’d been there by myself and could try all the games I wanted to, but having a six year old in tow and a baby strapped to my chest I had to make some concessions. Still enjoyed it, though, and plan to go again next year. I was sorry to miss the keynote with Chris Kluwe, but I got in the vendor area and completely forgot.


Still exhausted from the convention, but thanks Cod and Bimble for stopping by. We had an amazing time, got a good number of new sign-ups, but more importantly met a lot of great people that we are hoping to work with more moving forward.

Showing Andrew Reiner is own profile and hearing him get a kick out of seeing how many baseball games he plays had to be a highlight.


Now that we have made the initial investment, we are hoping to do more conventions. Maybe even go out @LASSIE’s way at some point and hit up that San Francisco hot bed of gaming culture.


@CodSteaks, you are famous!


You better get on Lifebar quick and add your thoughts for Joggernauts!



Did older brother pay younger brother to fuck with your controller like that? If so, well played little dude, well played.