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2D Con
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Just going to throw this out there for those of you in the midwest, but would anybody be interested in attending this with me and @katet?

###June 3rd - 5th, Doubletree in Bloomington, MN



  • Tournament entry!
  • Access to our open gaming library!
  • Live entertainment all weekend long!
  • Stare in awe as your favorite games are broken beyond belief at Midwest Speedfest!
  • Ability to purchase top of the line gaming items from our merchandise hall and artists alley!

I’m not going to lie, we have some selfish reasons for wanting to go, as we may even pay for Lifebar sponsorship, but if I would have known about this before Lifebar/Tidbits or any of this, I would have gone. I actually just happened to see this on a church bulletin board of all places.


Sorry buddy, I’ll be soaking in the warm sun on a beach somewhere in Galveston during that week.


So I haven’t updated this topic for some time, but @katet and I will actually be exhibiting Lifebar at 2D Con, with a booth and everything! It would be awesome if any of you with that Midwest Swing are around that weekend to stop by and say hi. As stated above, tickets are $25 but they have moved locations (since they were informed that the Ramada will be demolished) to the Doubletree.

On another note, we’ll also be attending (not exhibiting) Glitchcon next weekend. It’s more developer focused and it’s on the U of M campus (McNamara Alumni Center), but tickets are slightly more expensive at $50. If you are interested in going, we would hook you up with a free Lifebar T-shirt (granted your size is L or XL).

Here is the schedule for Glitchcon if you are interested:

We also have an interview with Tech.MN this afternoon, so yeah, go Minnesota!


Very cool, dude? If you want to me to exhibit something for the West Coast and be a terrible representation of what you’re trying to do, let me know.


That pretty much sums up our entire elevator pitch right there. Explaining things is hard.


Only because there is enough of you from Minnesota here (even though I have no takers on 2D Con :angry:). I know every city probably could make a piece like this, but regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at GlitchCon and really look forward to getting more involved in the industry here.

@katet and I actually both got interviewed by Kare 11 during GlitchCon, but it was well in to the night and we both had a few by then, even had a drink in our hands during the interview, so I’m not surprised it didn’t make prime time.


I’m gonna see if I can get to 2D Con. If I’m reading it right, I basically just have to register for either myself if I go alone or my 6 year old if he comes with me, right? It says one parent for every registered child is free, and kids under 5 are free. So unless my wife comes with me it would only be $25. That’s not bad. Looks like a good time. With how in to games and Pokemon my son is right now, I bet he’d have a blast.


Yeah, I actually didn’t know that until now. @MrBimble was planning on bringing the little one as well, so I’m not sure if he even knew about that. Hopefully he didn’t buy two tickets already.


The fiance and I are actually planning on going to 2D Con. Our friend Robert has a room and is hosting a game called “Ultimate Werewolf”. It’s not a video game, and sounds more in the realm of role playing, but he’s been bugging us to attend. You guys being there is all the more reason to check it out.


Will you be there both days? I don’t think I’ll make it to both.

You guys interested in getting together for lunch or dinner? Edit: That’s for all the Tidbit-ers going, not just Chris and his fiance.


I doubt I’ll be able to make it as I will be tending to our table, but I would love to provide you guys with some Lifebar shirts if you are interested so you can wear them as you walk around the show floor. The more we can get the name out there the better, even if you are saving all of your XP entry for when we hit Beta :smirk:


Let’s chat as it gets closer and we decide 100% if we’re going or not. We’ll be in CO next weekend and then I’m sure we’ll make our minds up about 2D Con.


Always gotta clear stuff with the wife. I imagine I’ll be going, but I’ll let you know when I know for sure.

Lunch sounds good, though, Bimble!


Looks like I’m a go! Looking forward to it.


Awesome, what size shirt are you? Yes, we are getting personal now.


XL, same as my penis.


Not THAT personal…


My bad.

You won’t regret asking me to represent your venture, I promise.



I didn’t see it posted on their site, but here is the first release of the 2D Con programming guide and schedule. More information such as guests will be added soon.


We don’t show up in there since we decided not to be sponsors. Figured it was a better idea to try to have a plan to make money before we spent more :moneybag:


You guys still planning on coming? We didn’t get as many t-shirts as we had anticipated, so I’m not sure how many we’ll give out, but if we see you early enough and you are willing to wear it around the convention, it’s all yours.

We have updated our landing page in preparation for the convention, as well as put together a little promo reel that we can have running in the background. It would be great to get your input on it, as it’s not too late to make minor tweaks.

Thanks again for all of your feedback guys.